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Heya. I’m Maki, the writer who’s responsible for all the material you read on this blog. Apart from managing Dosh Dosh, I’m also currently a Philosophy student in Toronto, Canada.

My personal interests revolve around indie rock music, anime, photography, art films, internet media and really good literature. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist and previously spent some time in various Public Relations and marketing firms.

My academic interests are rather varied: I read widely on topics such as mass communication, philosophy, sociology, political science and literary theory. I’m particularly interested in the work of Alexander Wendt, William H. Gass, Richard Rorty, Fredric Jameson, Jurgen Habermas, Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky.

My professional interests lie in online marketing, social media, blogging and anything which results in copious amounts of money. One last thing. In case you were fooled by the numerous beguiling pictures of cute anime girls on Dosh Dosh, I’m actually a guy and not a girl.

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