Email Marketing Best practices when using email lists to advertise a product or promote anything
Email Marketing Best practices when using email lists to advertise a product or promote anything

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Some Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective outbound marketing and can be just as effective as implementing Search Engine Optimization or SEO to bring visitor volume and good quality traffic to your website. It is also an important part of today marketing tool for generating sales leads, increase awareness and achieving customer retention. However, they are many marketers do not take email marketing approach in the right manners.

Below are some tips will help you to success in your email marketing campaigns:

1. Personalise Your Email
Greetings in any email marketing should be personal and make the recipient feel at home with your company. This will make you seem less technical and more individual.

2. Send Email at the Right Time
Based on study, the best time to broadcast your eNewsletter is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. One thing to remember is to try not to bother people with email marketing during holiday seasons because this is the time they will feel irritated if you do not understand their feelings.

3. Prominent and Strategic Call to Action
The call to action in email marketing should be clear and concise. People shouldn’t have to waste time trying to decipher the meaning. The message that requires them to act must be well written. Keep the boring and less interesting material towards the lower portion of the email and high light the best offer in the beginning to keep the reader interested.

4. Understand Your Recipients
If you have the links in the right places, chances are people will check them out. Email marketing is all about creativity and knowing how your recipient tends to behave. You can always refer to the last few email campaigns click-through statistics, understand recipients clicks behavior and see which type of the content they like the most and for the coming issue you can create and place the content at the right positions.

5. Don’t Force Them to Stay
Remember to have unsubscribe option. Keep more angry subscribers who can’t seem to find an unsubscribe link will only do more damage to your business image. Quality is still important than quantity, instead of keeping a lot of unhappy recipients in email list why not go for a clean and targeted recipients in the list.

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