Interesting Search Engine & Blogging Statistics -
Interesting Search Engine & Blogging Statistics
Posted by Justin Smith at 14 May, 2008, 3:30 pm

Here are some fun search engine and blogging statistics I pulled up. I like doing this about once a year to see what is going on in the search space to see if there are any trends I’m missing. Plus, it’s just really interesting data to look at. Most comes from comscore, hitwise, and technorati.


Blogging Statistics

28% of all visits to blogs in 2007 resulted in some kind of action (email signup, contact form, etc.)
There are currently about 15.5 million active blogs (blogs updated within 90 days)
Total blogs tracked by technorati: 74 million
There are 120,000 new blogs being created every day
3,000-7,000 new spam blogs (splogs) created per day
Total blog posts created per day: 1.5 million
36% of those blog posts were written in English
The Japanese language now boasts more blogs than another language (37%)
Search Engine Statistics

75% of Americans use search engines on a regular basis
56% of Americans use Search Engines every day
40% of all search engine searches are for local businesses and services
54% of Americans regularly use the internet instead of the phone book to find local services
92% of all local searches will eventually convert into a sale
Roughly 10 billion search queries made per day
Google’s share of search queries: 59.2%
Yahoo’s share of search queries: 22.2%

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