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Our mission: to help interactive marketers do their jobs better. Here's what the ClickZ Network offers:

ClickZ News: More than just headlines, the seasoned ClickZ News team serves up smart, original reporting and analysis on the interactive marketing industry and the companies that make it tick.

ClickZ Experts: From the trenches: commentary, opinion, advice, and thought leadership from the leading practitioners in interactive marketing.

ClickZ News Blog: For-the-record observations, notes, and commentary from ClickZ's staff editors on interactive marketing news and trends.

ClickZ Stats: An award-winning source for interactive and Internet research. Facts, figures, research, and data on every facet of the online industry, domestic and worldwide.

ClickZ Features: In-depth profiles, interviews, case studies, and features on cutting-edge products, companies, and trends.

ClickZ Job Board: The ClickZ Jobs Section helps connect job seekers with new employment opportunities and provide employers access to our large audience of interactive marketing professionals.

Search Engine Watch: The most respected source of news, information, and analysis covering all aspects of online search.

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ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards
The ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards recognize the technologies, companies, and campaigns that make a positive difference in the online marketing industry, moving the industry forward by providing brilliant examples of what can be accomplished.

Winners and finalists are nominated and selected each year by ClickZ readers and editors in online voting. Congratulations to the 2009 winners. Find out more Awards information on our FAQ page.

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